Miss Rwanda

About Miss Rwanda

Miss Rwanda is the country’s leading annual beauty pageant. A team of organisers - led by Rwanda Inspiration Backup - tours four provinces of the country and the capital city of Kigali to select five contestants in each, who then go through a mini-camp before heading to the semi-finals.

At the semi-finals, out of 25 girls, 10 girls are eliminated to remain with 15 girls who head to a two-week boot camp, leading to the grand finale.

The selection process follows strict rules and guidelines, where the best of the contestants are put to different challenges ; out of which judges decide the winners based on the girls’ ability to become a role model and a compelling figure that actively contributes to the country’s social and cultural progress.

Miss World

In December 2016, Miss Rwanda debuted in Miss World, a world-class beauty pageant. Every winner will now also participate in the global competition.

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