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Jolly Mutesi was born on 15 November 1996 in Kasese district, in the Republic of Uganda. She is the last-born in a family of six children ; three boys and three girls. She went to Pickhill Nursery School and then Hima Primary School (from P1 to P5) in Uganda. She then moved to Rwanda for her last year of primary. She attended Kagarama Secondary School for her ordinary-level secondary education before going to King David Academy, where she graduated a diploma in the combination of History, Economics and Literature.

Jolly was elected Miss Rwanda on 27 February 2016. She was the first beauty queen to represent Rwanda at the Miss World competition in 2016. She loves giving back to the society and patriotism, she says, is embedded within her.

Jolly spearheads a national “inter-generation dialogue” through which she sensetizes the norms and values of Rwandan culture, promoting patriotism and peace. She now goes to the University of Rwanda College of Business and Economics, doing Finance. During her free time, she enjoys reading and listening to country music. She speaks Kinyarwanda, Luganda and English.

Jolly was born to Immaculate Ingabire and late Sylver Serwili.

Kigali - Rwanda
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